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To celebrate the US debut of the most demanded band in VK history, Tainted Reality will be selling official American releases of DIM, NIL, and Stacked Rubbish for 50% off it's shelf price! To sweeten the deal even further, we will be offering free shipping for all domestic orders over $50! Offer only while supplies last. Offer ends May, 15th, 2016.

The Gazette is finally coming to America, so let's all celebrate by blasting their music through our speakers!
New Items
BORN: T-Shirt

BORN: T-Shirt[BNTR-2] 

BORN Full Color front end T-shirt, available in small, medium, large, and e
D'espairsRay: IMMORTAL

D'espairsRay: IMMORTAL[MMDR-001]  

Genre: Visual Kei / Industrial Metal / Industrial RockSummary: Maru Mu…
An Cafe: BB Parallel World

An Cafe: BB Parallel World[MMAC-2] 

Genre: Visual Kei / Pop PunkSummary: BB Parallel World is the latest r…
Alice Nine: Complete Collection 2006-2009

Alice Nine: Complete Collection 2006-2009[MMA9-1]  

Genre: Visual Kei / Hard RockSummary: The title alone explains everyt…
Mix Speekers, Inc.: MONSTERS: Junk Story In My Poket

Mix Speekers, Inc.: MONSTERS: Junk Story In My Poket[MMMSI-1] 

Genre: Visual Kei / Hard RockSummary: Mix Speaker's Inc. is a Japanese…
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