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Summary: Their last album, [LOST SKY], will bring an end to 8 years of activity. Remixes will be contributed by labelmates Noir du'Soleil and Spectrum-X, as well as by bands from Japan and overseas that have worked with BLOOD, including sawDUST in me, marlee, Shiv-r, echostream, Tragic Black, and Uninvited Guest. The album also includes a remix by Mizuh, the winner of the remix contest that drew more than 200 submissions. A tour in the US spanning January and February of '09 was conducted in commemoration of the release.
Gothic / Industrial / Electro

6th album [LOST SKY] on sale Jan. 28, 2009
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CD baby
Disc number: CRCD-32
Limited: 1000copies
Price: 25USD

01. Lost Sky
02. Captured
03. Nothing
04. Absolute
05. Oboro
06. The End
07. Lost Sky (Noir du'Soleil)
08. Lost Sky (sawDUST in me remix)
09. Lost Sky (marlee remix)
10. Lost Sky (Spectrum-X remix)
11. Lost Sky (Shiv-r remix)
12. Lost Sky (Mizuh remix)
13. Lost Sky (Broken Lullaby remix by echostream)
14. Crimson (Tragic Black remix)
15. BLOOD (Uninvited Guest remix)
16. D.T.M.H. (Virgins O.R. Pigeons remix)

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BLOOD: Lost Sky[CRCD-32]

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