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Genre: Visual Kei / Nu Metal

Summary: Stacked Rubbish is the legendary album from Japanese super stars, the GazettE. The third full length release from the GazettE contains 14 tracks and includes multiple chart topping singles: Hyena, Filth in the Beauty, and Regret. With this many hits in one album, Stacked Rubbish is considered a breakaway album for the GazettE. When Stacked Rubbish first was released in Japan, the album skyrocketed to the top of the charts. Still a highly demanded album, Stacked Rubbish is a perfect addition for fans of the GazettE.

1. Art Drawn By Vomit
2. Agony
3. Hyena
4. Burial Applicant
5. Ganges Ni Akai Bara
6. Regret
7. Calm Envy
8. Swallowtail on the Death Valley
9. Mob 136 Bars
10. Gentle Lie
11. Filth in the beauty
12. Circle of Swindler
13. Chizuru
14. People Error

Official Home Page: www.pscompany.co.jp/gazette

The GazettE: Stacked Rubbish[MMTG-2]

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