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Genre: Alternative / Goth Rock / Visual Kei

Summary: Calmando Qual's 3rd full album! "I don't want to become a white sheep; then I wouldn't be me anymore."
The long-awaited third full album by Calmando Qual, the band that continues to project a style and presence unmatched in the gothic/visual scene. Even now the evolution and frank message expressed by their sound know no limits!

Line-up :
Vocal: Hibiki
Guitar: Tak
Bass: Kenka
Drums: Maya

Info: May 18, 2012: available for pre-sale at live venues
June 27, 2012: on sale in stores
Disc number: SWCQ-4
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CDbaby, Code 7
Price: 2,500yen (tax in)
Limit 1000 copies

1. Gitai
2. Shiyorimofukaishinonakade
4. Ochiyukuyamikara
5. Nukegara
6. Re:born
7. Yugami
8. Yaminonakanokuroineko
9. Kuchuburanko
10. Tsuioku

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Calmando Qual: Black Sheep[SWCQ-4]

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