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Genre: Visual Kei / Hard Rock

Summary: Mix Speaker's Inc. is a Japanese Visual-Kei rock band featuring the talents of Yuki (Vocals), Miki (Vocals), Keiji (Guitarist), S (Drums), and former Psycho le Cemu members Aya (Guitarist) and seek (Bass). Unlike typical Visual-Kei bands, the group's vision is for the audience to see the band as an enterprise. Acting more as storytellers than just simply performers. Their activities are all based on stories that the six members have crafted. The intention is to convey to the world the vivid pictures and colors each member has in their mind. What distinguishes them the most is the fact that their albums and concerts are closely connected to their "stories." Their concerts are considered episodes to where their songs are the soundtrack to the series. The band directs the music, scripts, scenarios, illustrations and movies. With highly elaborate concert stages and over 3 different costume changes. Their concerts can be seen more as a jam packed show instead of just a performance. The band started the first concert series "Monsters" in April 2007. Their first tour unveiling their first "episode" was a instant hit. Their live events attracted new fans selling out all their venues. Immediately after their "Monsters" tour, the band held monthly "story-less" performances in 2008. All these performances were sold-out and the band became recognized to a wider range of audiences. With a goal to go beyond the Visual-Kei genre, Mix Speaker's inc. continue to write their "stories" entertaining their fans across the globe Their full length album is complemented by a second DVD disc featuring two videos of the tracks from their album.

1. Monster Start Instrumental ~Family Ver~
2. Junk Story
3. Innocent World
4. My Wish [Horror] X'mas
5. GO! Go! Breman
6. We are HA-CHA-ME-ChA'Z
7. Yakusoku no Mori
8. Aoi Monsukaa
9. "MONSTART" Family
10. Monstime
11. Mirai no kimi e

DVD Chapter Listing:
1. Innocent World
2. IF

Mix Speekers, Inc.: MONSTERS: Junk Story In My Poket[MMMSI-1]

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