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Genre: Techno/Synth Pop

Summary: The first CD release from Takuya Angel, the designer who created the Angeller phenomenon with his unique style combining goth, fetish, lolita, and cyber with traditional Japanese styles. This will be the first mini-album for Takuya Angel, who has been active as a DJ since before he started his fashion brand, showcasing a broad range of compositions combining the genres of deep house, dark electro, industrial, and acid jazz with Japanese elements.

[Ima-Wa-Mukashi]on sale April 29, 2009
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reailty, CD baby, Code 7
Disk number: DLTA-1
Limited: 1000copies

Price: 20USD

1. Japan
2. Ima-Wa-Mukashi
3. Indo
4. Neo
5. Hariko

Official Myspace: www.myspace.com/takuyaangel

Takuya Angel: Ima-Wa-Mukashi[DLTA-1]

Our Selling Price: US$15.00 (tax incl.)
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