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"A record of the delusions falling down the slope of life"
The release of their new maxi single, half a year after their previous release. In addition to two new songs and one re-recorded song, it will include a remix of Yuukai Gokko by DJ Manik from a recording distributed for free at their Osaka one-man live show in 2009.

New Maxi Single「Stitch DoLL」
May 23, 2010: available for pre-sale at live venues
June 23, 2010: on sale
Disc number: SWSA-1
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CDbaby, Code 7
Price: ¥1890 (tax in)
Limit 1000 copies
Specs: 4-page booklet

1. Stitch DoLL
2. Traitor
4. Yukaigokko (DJ Manik remix)

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Suicide Ali: Stitch Doll[SWSA-1]

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