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D'espairsRay: IMMORTAL[MMDR-001]

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Genre: Visual Kei / Industrial Metal / Industrial Rock

Summary: Maru Music presents the latest album from the internationally known Visual-kei band, D’espairsRay. The album entitled IMMORTAL is a collection of their songs spanning from 1999-2008. The album contains 15 remastered tracks including their singles HORIZON and MaVERiCK. With the goal to make the best listening experience for the fans, all the songs were chosen by the band personally.

01. Ori no naka de miru yume
02. MaVERiCK
03. Garnet
04. BORN
05. Yami ni furu kiseki
06. Fuyuu shita risou
07. “Forbidden”
08. Abel and Cain
09. Kogoeru yoru ni saita hana
10. Closer to ideal
11. Squall
13. Cocoon
14. Scissors

Official Myspace: www.myspace.com/despairsray

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