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Genre: Various

Summary: An army of artists born in the underground scene, strong in various styles that can't be summed up by any category, have come together in this 4th volume of an omnibus CD collection designed to promote yet another step in the revival of the scene. This collection deals with the value of diversification by sending throughout the world a new culture raised in Japan, while offering high quality sound straight from the front line of the underground scene.

V.A. [Alamode Magazine CD Vol.04]
Feb 13, 2011: available for pre-sale at live venues
Mar 2, 2011: on sale in stores
Planning: ARTiSM
Produced by: Darkest Labyrinth
Disc number: AMCD-4
Distribution: Daiki Sound
Price: 2,100 (tax in)
Limit 500 copies


01. Vanished Empire/farewell 〜for Michael〜
02. marlee/World Wide Distortion [A.M.C.D→4 Edition]
04. toxic strawberry/doubt her suffering!!! (kill her rabbit MIX)
05. zwecklos/Sie sind Feigling
07. 2 Bullet/Sacrifice
08. Gregor Samsa/Catastrophe (Chaos Edit)
09. RedMecca/ZERO
10. LoveScreamTerror/closing eyes 20XX
11. DEVOUR/Countdown For The End
12. GOTHIC LOGIC/Church On Fire
13. Chocorate Rubbersole/Jyounen-Kairo
14. A fall of the Glitter/Time begins to move again
15. Cold+Sleep/My Wings Hurry To My Death [Untitled Edition]

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Alamode Magazine CD Vol.04[AMCD-4]

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