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Genre: Visual Kei/Hard Rock

This collection of songs recorded during BLOOD's 1st period features singles which sold a total of over 3000 individual copies. Original recordings by 1st period members Kiwamu, Kaede, Dai, Takeshi, and Taichi.

[1st Period DX] on sale April 20, 2005
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CD Baby
Disc number: CRCD-16
Limited: 2,000copies
Price: 15USD

1. Maria(COMPLITE mix.)
3. canary
4. mebious no wa
5. morphine(896k)
6. collecter
7. tuioku~I remember you~
8. hakutyumu
9. tumitobatsu
10. Eden
11. tsuioku(PIANO ver.)
1. Maria (PV)
2. tsuioku~I remember you~ (PV)

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BLOOD: 1st Period DX[CRCD-15]

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