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Genre: Visual Kei / Industrial Metal

Summary: Chosen as Tainted Reality's #1 album of the past decade, this is the breakout album from the masters of Visual-kei, D'espairsRay. Coll:set features 12 original tracks, including their smash single Garnet, and 2 remixes. When Coll:set was originally released in Japan, it exposed D'espairsRay to the masses. Soon after, the public was intrigued with the unique Visual-kei style and sound of D'espairsRay. Since their formation in 1999, D'espairsRay have been creating a distinctive sound in the Visual-kei scene. With band members HIZUMI (Vocals), Karyu (Guitar), ZERO (Bass) and TSUKASA (DRUMS).

1. Infection
2. Dears
3. in vain
4. Grudge
5. Tsuki no Kioku -fallen-
6. Garnet
7. Abel to Cain
8. 'Fuyu Shita Riso'
9. Forbidden
10. Hai to Ame
11. Tainted World
12. [The world in a cage]
13. Marry of the blood ~bloody minded mix~
14. BORN ~white stream mix~

Official Home Page: www.despairsray.jp
Official Myspace: www.myspace.com/despairsray

D'espairsRay: Coll:Set[MMDR-2]

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